Roll Unwind Information

There are eight unwind directions which describe how the labels come off of the roll. Unwinds are typically important only for automatic and semi-automatic (machine) applications. Hand applications may have preferred unwinds per individual, but are not critical for the end use. Please be sure to specify if your job has a required unwind in order to ensure it is compatible with your application method. Refer to the unwind chart to choose the applicable unwind you require.
Unwind #1 - Outside Top LeadRewind #2 - Outside Bottom LeadUnwind #3 - Outside Right LeadUnwind #4 - Outside Left LeadUnwind #5 - Inside Top LeadUnwind #5 - Inside Top LeadUnwind #7 - Inside Right LeadUnwind #8 - Inside Left Lead

For machine applications, we will require the following information to best meet your needs: 

- Unwind Direction (#1 Outside Top; #2 Outside Bottom; #3 Outside Right; #4 Outside Left; #5 Inside Top; #6 Inside Bottom; #7 Inside Right; #8 Inside Left)

- Maximum roll outside diameter

- Front and Back labels inline on the same roll or separate rolls (when applicable)